In store now; Bespoke creations and CAD (computer aided design) designs. 

We have an experienced CAD (Computer Aided Design) designer that can sit down with you and refine your ideas, producing a well-engineered concept whilst selecting the most appropriate materials for your creations.

The Process in store;

  • Arrange an appointment with the designer who can then take your ideas and sketch them out in order to create your ideas on paper.
  • An image will be drawn up and created on the CAD/CAM so you can see what it looks like before ordering it.
  • Hand select any stone of your choice and pick a metal for your design to be made in.
  • Once happy with the design, each bespoke piece is individually hand made by local manufacturers.

All the images on this page are from the Clifford Jewellery range. Please visit us to see more in store.


Diamond/Stone Supplier;

Please enquire in store or give us a ring. We can source any stone and Depending on what your looking for we have a large selection on stones kept in store from precious to semi precious Stones.

If you want to create a design around your own stone we can also create designs around what you want.

Creative and Innovative Designs Made to Order

Turn your own personal designs into jewellery you can cherish forever.

C.A.D. Image


Design Yours Now

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